S. Korea pledges $7.5 million aid for Sudan’s response to COVID-19, economic development

SEOUL, South Korea will offer US$7.5 million worth of aid to Sudan this year to help with the African country’s response to the new coronavirus and its social and economic development, the foreign ministry said Friday.

Vice Foreign Minister Lee Tae-ho unveiled the plan during the Sudan Partnership Conference on Thursday, a videoconference that Germany, the United Nations, the European Union and Sudan co-hosted to back Sudan’s political transition, economic reforms and humanitarian efforts.

“As a country that has simultaneously achieved democratization and economic development in a short period of time, South Korea shares the political and economic aspirations of the Sudanese population,” Lee was quoted by the ministry as saying.

“Capitalizing on its experience, South Korea will support the stable establishment of political institutions and economic structure reforms that Sudan’s interim government is focusing on,” he added.

The vice minister also said that South Korea has been contributing to Sudan’s sustainable development as it pays attention to the country’s economic potential stemming from its vast arable land, young workforce and rich natural resources.

Since a power-sharing agreement was signed in August last year to pave the way for a civilian-led government, Sudan has been pursuing a democratic transition with major political and economic reforms.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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