S. Korea deploys remote-controlled munition system

SEOUL, South Korea's military has completed the deployment of an indigenous remote-controlled munition system aimed at fending off enemy infiltrations, the state arms procurement agency said Friday.

The new system is designed to replace land mines that are hard to retrieve and can inflict damage on friendly forces and civilians, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said. Nearly 100 percent of its component parts were made by local businesses.

The system consists of a detector, an explosive device and remote control. It allows a frontline soldier to operate it more than 3 kilometers away.

"The new system will help establish defense in key combat zones and effectively counter enemy infiltrations in a contingency," the DAPA said in a press release. "On top of that, it can secure the safety of our troops and civilians as it selectively attacks enemy targets after identifying them."

The DAPA believes the system will also help enable South Korea to comply with a U.N. convention restricting the use of certain conventional arms, such as land mines and booby traps. The country joined the convention in 2001.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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