Ruling party certain to overwhelmingly win local elections

SEOUL, The ruling Democratic Party (DP) is likely to clinch a landslide victory in Wednesday's local elections as it is almost certain to win at least 13 of the 17 big races, including those for Seoul mayor and Gyeonggi Province governor.

The DP will also likely win 10 of the 12 parliamentary seats in by-elections held simultaneously with local elections.

The results, if finalized, are expected to enhance President Moon Jae-in's mandate for liberal reforms and engagement with the North.

The main opposition Liberty Korea Party was headed toward a crushing defeat, as it is expected to win only two of the big mayoral and gubernatorial races.

Up for grabs in the local elections were 4,016 local administrative, legislative and educational posts, including 17 big-city mayoralties and provincial governorships.

An exit poll by three major TV broadcasters also showed that the DP will overwhelmingly win the elections, including the Seoul mayorship.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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