ROK Government Statement on the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2321 (2016)

1. The Government of the Republic of Korea strongly welcomes the unanimous adoption by all United Nations Security Council member states, including China and Russia, of UN Security Council resolution 2321 (2016) in response to North Korea's fifth nuclear test.

2. Along with resolution 2270 (2016), the new resolution is another milestone measure in that it imposes the toughest and the most comprehensive non-military sanctions in the history of the UN against North Korea which has repeatedly violated the UN Charter and relevant Security Council resolutions. Given the gravity and urgency of nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, the resolution reaffirms the resolve of the Security Council, on behalf of the entire international community, that it will not tolerate North Korea's nuclear and missile development under any circumstances, while imposing tough punitive measures on North Korea and warning that further robust measures will be put in place.

3. North Korea must heed to the strong warning of the Security Council that unless it makes a strategic decision to take the path toward denuclearization as soon as possible in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions, it will not only face more economic difficulties and diplomatic isolation, but it would also see its rights and privileges as a member of the UN suspended.

4. The Government of the Republic of Korea will work closely with other UN member states to thoroughly and completely implement Security Council resolutions 2270 (2016) and 2321 (2016), as well as other relevant resolutions. Following resolution 2321 (2016), the Government of the Republic of Korea, together with liked-minded countries including the United States, Japan and the European Union, will swiftly adopt unilateral sanctions to impose all-out sanctions and put diplomatic pressure on North Korea.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Korea

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