ROK and China to Hold the Second Dialogue on Climate Change Negotiations

1. The second ROK-China Dialogue on Climate Change Negotiations will take place on August 26-27 in Jeju, with Ambassador for Climate Change Choi Jai-chul of the ROK Foreign Ministry and Director-General of Climate Change Su Wei of China’s National Development and Reform Commission leading their respective delegations.

o The ROK delegation will consist of officials from the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, which handle international negotiations and domestic policies on climate change. The Chinese delegation will mainly consist of officials from the National Development and Reform Commission.

2. At the upcoming Dialogue, the two sides will have practical consultation for negotiating a draft text of the “ROK-China agreement on climate change cooperation,” which the leaders of the two countries agreed to sign during their summit in early July this year. The two sides will also exchange views on the UN Climate Summit (September 23), as well as negotiations on the post-2020 climate change regime, and discuss ways to work together on them.

3. As the ROK and China both have energy-intensive industrial structures and are pursuing low-carbon growth by actively introducing various climate change response policies, it is highly needed for the two countries to cooperate on climate change policies and share their related experience. As such, the upcoming Dialogue is expected to contribute significantly to increasing the two countries’ abilities to respond to climate change and the effectiveness of their policies.

o The Dialogue, which was first held in October last year, is a regular consultation mechanism between the two countries’ high-level officials in charge of climate change negotiations. Along with the ROK-China Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation, which deals with general environmental issues between the two countries, including fine dust, yellow dust, waste, and cooperation on environmental technologies, the Dialogue is a key channel for policy dialogue between the two countries on environment and climate change.