Rhino fish pants-monkey pants Strong current cannot be produced in time

Bangkok: Uthai Thani Province We produced and designed the provincial identity, the Rhinoceros Fish Pants, to sell. The response was better than expected. As for Lopburi Province, there are monkey pants. It appears that orders are so overflowing that they cannot produce them in time. Miss Yanisa or Film is 41 years old, a young female engineer from Uthai Thani, Uthai Mai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Uthai Thani Province. She is the designer of the Rhino Fish Pants of Uthai Thani Province. Made to compete with elephant pants. By using the identity of the province, such as a rhinoceros fish with the letters UTHAI in the fish, as well as provincial flowers, namely the Supanniga flower, the houseboat, and the Sakae Krang River. and the steps of Wat Sangkat Rattanakiri Until it turned out to be the rhino fish pants as seen. Used as Italian silk Not thin, but flowy and comfortable, not hot to wear. The pants legs are made into a loose-legged style. Wear it and it doesn't tighten your legs. Get a beautiful shape S old at 199 baht each. The pattern is now copyrighted. Including starting to sell to customer groups since the beginning of last month. The response was better than expected, to the point where production couldn't keep up. There were many customers ordering at the store for over a month, so now we have to accept only pre-orders. There is not enough to sell at the store. As for Lopburi Province There are pants that come out with cute patterns that appeal to teenagers because they are designed by a group of young people from Lopburi. who went to study in Bangkok But I feel love for my hometown. Design and produce fabric patterns with pictures of monkeys, sunflowers, and Prang Sam Yot. on red, black, and brightly colored pants Miss Busaba, 56 years old, owner of Busaba Shop, Surasongkhram Road, Tha Hin Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lopburi Province The person who received the monkey pants to sell said that the first time they ordered 60 items to try selling, they still didn't get much response. Until there is a trend of Lopburi monkeys in various matters. As a result, people love Lopburi monkeys. Youth are searching for and wore them to show off until it became a popular trend And it was the time when there was the King Narai the Great Day 2024, which resulted in the most awesome monkey pants. In one day, they sold more than 500 pieces until the store was sold out. In addition, reservations in one day surged to more than 2,000 units. It is expected that there will be orders for tens of thousands more units. People who buy include both Thai people and foreigners. Because the fabric is good, cool and comfortable to wear, the colors are beautiful and bright. There are both men and women, every size, every size. Price 259 baht each Source: Thai News Agency

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