Retired Four-Star General Tossed In Jail After Refusing To Pay For Chinese Food, Assaulting Police (The Libertarian Republic)

A retired four-star general was released on bond last week after eating food without paying for it and assaulting a Chinese food delivery driver.

William J. Livsey had apparently ordered food from the Royal Chef restaurant. When the driver showed up with the delivery, Livsey tried to pay with his debit card. It was declined. He offered to pay by check, but the driver informed him that the restaurant did not accept checks. Just as the driver was about to take the food back, Livsey reportedly grabbed the man’s throat and pinned him against a refrigerator in his house,  Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

According to police, while the assault was underway, two people in the house started unpacking and eating the food. The driver left and called police. Officers soon arrived and tried to arrest Livsey, at which point he resisted and attempted “to punch one of the officers and kick another one all while making threatening and disparaging remarks.”

The police had to call emergency medical services to the scene after the struggle resulted in Livsey suffering a laceration. Police finally took him to the station, where he was charged with robbery, theft and terroristic threats, among other things.

“It was the worst thing that happened to me in all of my life,” William J. Livsey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of his arrest.

According to Livsey, Royal Chef restaurant wanted to drop the incident entirely, but the police made a big deal of it. After his release, Livsey sent his assistant to pay for the food and give the driver a nice tip.

During his military career, the 84-year-old retired general lead a platoon in the Korean War and then returned to South Korea to oversee the forces. He retired in 1987 and received many awards for his service. Livsey even has a part of a highway in Fayetteville dedicated to him.

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