Rescued Korean crew members released from hospital

WASHINGTON-- All four Korean crew members who were rescued from a capsized ship off the U.S. east coast were discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, a South Korean official said.

The men were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard on Monday after being trapped inside the Golden Ray cargo vessel for more than 30 hours near the Port of Brunswick, Georgia.

They were taken to a hospital for emergency medical care.

"The four rescued men were released from the hospital today and taken to the lodgings where the other survivors have been staying," Kim Young-jun, the South Korean consul-general in Atlanta, told Yonhap News Agency.

A medical examination showed no health issues and the men appeared relaxed after resting at the hospital overnight, he said.

Twenty other people were aboard the 71,178-ton ship when it began to list heavily and caught fire. An investigation is under way to determine the exact cause of the incident.

Kim said the four men stayed in one hospital room and spoke with their family members in South Korea by phone.

Some of the family members traveled to the U.S. to meet with the survivors.

Source: Yonhap News Agency