Rapyd’s Holistic Global FinTech Capabilities Surge

Worldwide Growth Boosts Clients’ and Partners’ Access to New Markets

LONDON, Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rapyd, a leading fintech platform bringing ubiquity and integration to global digital commerce, today announces new partnerships and client relationships that extend the reach and impact of its worldwide network. By building a global “network of networks” that spans five continents through physical and digital channels, Rapyd connects businesses and platforms to more than 2.3 billion global customers. Its growing network of networks currently links bank transfer, eWallet and local debit schemes for funds-in across 100+ markets and funds-out across 170+ pay-out markets. Rapyd’s platform also supports 65+ holding currencies and a unique global cash network, providing consumers with more than 1.6 million physical access points.

A sampling of Rapyd’s partner and client relationships being announced today includes:

“Our partners and clients leverage the Rapyd platform’s single-integration and single-settlement capability to instantly unlock global marketplaces and access unlimited growth opportunities,” said Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman. “We aspire to be the single point of connection to provide fintechs and non-fintechs alike a seamless way to access billions of new customers via our fintech-as-a-service platform. This first preview of the breadth and diversity of partnership networks provides a glimpse into what we have built today and will continue to build as we grow.”

Rapyd’s made-to-order financial network and compliance solutions ensure a single integration can unlock the world’s locally-preferred payment methods, including cash, ATM and bank transfers, eWallets, real-time debit, local card schemes, and other local payment methods.

“Our partnership with Rapyd enables us to seamlessly expand our fintech solutions in the U.S. market with the ability to support clients looking to collect or send money across Rapyd’s global network,” explained Scott Stafford, President and CEO of Evolve Bank & Trust.

Rapyd empowers e-commerce merchants, gig platforms, banks, remittance companies, online lenders and other on-demand platforms to break free of transaction infrastructure limitations and accelerate their global growth. The company’s global, scalable wallet-as-a-service and network-as-a-service offerings remove complexity for platform partners and increase their access to global customer bases.

“Rapyd ensures that iRemit is able to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world by providing our customers across Europe, Asia and Australia with a mobile remittance solution and extensive cash and bank transfer load network,” said iRemit’s President Harris Jacildo. “Rapyd extends iRemit’s mobile remittance capability, enabling us to grow into a mobile-first solution practically overnight.”

“Quite simply, Rapyd is a boon for our business,” began Neosurf Chief Commercial Officer Andrea McGeachin. “Their network and capabilities expand the reach of our services into previously inaccessible markets.”

Rapyd’s robust financial technology includes an advanced API, secure sandbox environment, and native software development kit (SDK) that lets developers and product managers instantly establish a global presence.

“Instarem’s foreign exchange and instant bank disbursement capabilities enable Rapyd to provide world-class global currency management and move money faster and at better prices for their merchants and other network partners,” said Instarem CEO Prajit Nanu.

As e-commerce merchants and retailers seek new markets to sell their physical and digital goods and services, Rapyd helps those businesses accept more preferred payment methods from localities around the globe. In addition, Rapyd’s secured disbursements platform facilitates pay outs from lenders, businesses, remittances companies and marketplaces to borrowers and end-users securely. Those borrowers and end-users can access funds via their preferred method, whether that be cash (at 1.6 million ATMs and stores worldwide), directly to bank accounts, e-wallets or debit cards in 170 countries around the world.

Rapyd is also embracing collaboration with established regional experts worldwide. These partnerships, via one smooth integration, enhance clients’ and partners’ access to customers worldwide without sacrificing localized expertise.

“SafetyPay and Rapyd’s partnership reaches across fifteen countries in Latin America and Europe, making it possible for more than 400 million potential users to transact with e-commerce merchants the way they prefer,” explained SafetyPay CEO Gustavo Ruiz.

“We value our partnership with Rapyd’s network,” added Paga CEO Tayo Oviosu. “It serves as a gateway that connects millions of Nigerians to vital but previously inaccessible digital markets across the world.”

“The time has come for a global fintech-as-a-service platform to help merchants, banks, platforms and other partners alike,” added Shtilman. “Thanks to our partners’ trust and clients’ support, we have a significant head start on bringing it to life.”

For more information about Rapyd, visit https://www.rapyd.net.

About Rapyd
Rapyd eliminates the dead ends and dysfunction of global commerce by bringing ubiquity and integration to financial transactions worldwide. Providing access to more than 2.3 billion global customers, Rapyd’s growing network of networks spans five continents through physical and digital channels. Rapyd’s global fintech-as-a-service platform empowers merchants, banks, fintech organizations, on-demand platforms and other partners to accelerate growth and transact with the 96 percent of the world that does not own a credit card.

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