Pyongyang University of Architecture spearheads designs for N. Korea’s construction projects

Pyongyang University of Architecture, whose honorary president is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is taking the lead in making designs for the North's major construction projects, a North Korean broadcaster has reported.

The state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Station said Tuesday the university has achieved remarkable feats in the planning of monumental structures, highlighting the school's elevated status under the Kim regime.

Ri Pong-chun, a teacher at the school, told the broadcasting station that his school's teachers, researchers and students had completed thousands of designs for hundreds of construction projects, including the Ryomyong Street under construction in the North Korean capital and a construction project in Samjiyon, Ryanggan Province.

The North has been building the Ryomyong Street with many skyscrapers since Kim Jong-un instructed it to be built in April this year, according to the North's state-run media.

The street is located between the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, a mausoleum that enshrines the mummified bodies of Kim's late grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and late father, Kim Jong-il, and the Ryonhung Crossroads in Pyongyang.

"We have also taken part in a recovery work on damage caused by floods that struck North Hamgyong Province, finishing designs for 28 structures and technical designs for 18 structures in less than a month," Ri said.

Pyongyang University of Architecture was founded in October 1953 after seceding from the civil engineering college of Kim Il-sung University, North Korea's top university, and was elevated to a general university in January 2014.

Ma Won-chun, director of the Designing Department of the State Affairs Commission and also known as "Kim's construction brain," graduated from the school.

"The Kim Jong-un regime has been enthusiastic about the construction of major buildings in many places in a bid to differentiate itself from its predecessors," Kim Yong-hyun, a professor of North Korean studies at Seoul's Dongguk University, said.

"It is worthwhile to pay attention to a role that Pyongyang University of Architecture is playing in the regime's propaganda works through the construction of structures," he added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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