Prosecution indicts former Busan mayor for sexual assault

BUSAN, The prosecution has indicted former Busan Mayor Oh Keo-don on charges of sexual assault, officials said Thursday.
He resigned as the leader of the nation’s second largest city on April 23, 2020, after admitting to his misconduct.
The Busan District Prosecutors Office charged him on four counts, also including attempted indecent assault, inflicting injury and false accusation.
Oh is accused of sexually assaulting two female employees and injuring one of them in 2018 and 2020. He is also charged with filing a false complaint against YouTube channel operators.
One of the female victims reported the case to the counseling center for sexual crimes in Busan in mid-April. She demanded Oh step down.
A by-election is scheduled for April to fill the vacancy.
The prosecution, however, did not charge him and other officials with violation of election laws.
Prosecutors looked into allegations that the timing of the mayor’s resignation was adjusted not to affect the April 15, 2020 general elections, but they found no evidence, officials said. The victim also denied any pressure or appeasement from the political circles.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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