Pro-N.K. newspaper urges U.S. to forge conditions for dialogue

SEOUL-- A pro-North Korean newspaper in Tokyo said Monday the Trump administration should create a "proper situation" for dialogue first if it wants to avoid collision with the North and end the current deadlock.

"The decades-long confrontation between the North and the United States would never be addressed for itself with just a recent remark by Trump that has hinted at the possibility of summit talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un," The Chosun Sinbo of the association of pro-Pyongyang residents in Japan said in an article about its new missile test conducted on Sunday.

In an interview with Bloomberg News on May 1, the U.S. president said he would be honored to meet with Kim if such a meeting takes place "under the right circumstances." He did not elaborate on what the right circumstances would be.

Earlier in the day, the North claimed that it successfully tested the Hwasong-12 rocket capable of carrying a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead."

"The Trump administration has shown a flexible attitude toward the North this month, including Trump's remarks on the summit talks, and yet it is a mere showy gesture without substance," the article said.

Washington should give up its stupid plot of waiting for the North's surrender and decide to forge a proper circumstance for dialogue for its own first, it added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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