Private preschools to go ahead with plan to delay start of semester in protest

SEOUL, An association of South Korea's private preschools said Sunday it would press ahead with a plan to postpone the opening of the spring semester, slated for the following day, despite the government's warning of stern punitive measures.

The Korea Kindergarten Association (KKA) claimed that the education authorities are putting unjust pressure on its members nationwide and even made false claims about the number of preschools to postpone the start of the semester.

The group is fiercely protesting against the government's drive to reform private preschools that receive state subsidies.

The government plans to introduce Edufine, a state-managed accounting system, for all major preschools. It earlier announced that only around 190 of more than 3,800 private preschools are scheduled to join the association's move to put off the start of the semester.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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