Prime Minister No Comments MOU to set up government for the Progressive Party

Prime Minister No comment MOU to set up a government for the Progressive Party government, revealing that the cabinet has to pass on the work to the new government. Request everyone to make the country peaceful.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Said after the cabinet meeting that he asked the media Don't present leaked pictures of yourself. which sometimes feels like everything is being watched Whether it's dropped items or walking, dropped items, so please ask because it's not an important issue. Because it may make people feel that it's completely bad. to beg because during this period of treatment of the situation is most normal and urged everyone to remain in peace waiting in the process which is in the process of establishing a government New and this government is ready to pass.

The Prime Minister said that today's cabinet meeting has emphasized in various works of the government and prepare well because the next day must be delivered to the new government already When the process of establishing a government has been completed Who will it be? Believe that everyone already knows and there are many steps. At this time it is the acting government. The only problem is that Section 169 can't spend the new budget. because it will be an obligation with the new government That's a problem that can't create new projects. because there is no budget must coordinate with the Election Commission on all matters such as electricity bills that must be approved in order to be able to do so

As for the qualifications of the new Minister of Defense General Prayut As the Minister of Defense, he said that No comment on the story was ready, stating that the future is unknown. know but present

As for the issue of the Constitutional Court's dismissal of the Disappearing Act, how is the government responsible? General Prayut said There is no problem at all. Let the person in charge answer this question.

When asked to reiterate how he looked at the MOU to form a government of the far-reaching party, General Prayut said that he had no comments, and whether he would approve or not, and General Prayut said he did not answer.

Including saying No comments if the cheerleaders continue to support General Prayut as Prime Minister. If other formulations of government cannot be established

As for the case of an appointment to pressurize senators in front of the parliament building today General Prayuth said the security and legal departments were working. Carry out legal duties without having to order anything. Everyone has already learned the law is the law. It is the duty of the work of the relevant agencies. As for the assembly, will it be risky in the future or not, I believe that everyone already knows However, it cannot be disclosed because it has not yet occurred. when not yet born will be announced It will make it possible to continue expanding. The city was damaged.

As an old soldier Is this the only fight or is there another door that will make the country peaceful? General Prayuth said he would fight with anyone. It's a matter of democracy that has already begun. Whatever will happen is a matter of the future Today, the answer can only be a acting government. and being the Prime Minister, doing his duty as best as he can until not doing it which is not difficult without creating any more conflicts Ready to emphasize that what I want to see is a peaceful country.

General Prayuth also denied that he had discussed his political future with Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan. Reiterated that he only talked about work. in the duties assigned to responsibility which has no problem Ready to ask back whether the country has to move forward or not during this period People must be taken care of. Please don't make a point about everything. Because it's something that hasn't happened yet. That is causing panic problems. Now the Thai economy considered to support well because there are adequate support measures But if it's more than that, it can't be accepted either. Please don't cause more trouble to the country. Confirm yourself, no problem with anyone. already respect every democratic process Let's help reduce the problem a bit. As for now, there is a process to put pressure on the court. General Prayut said he didn't have to ask. Can it be done?-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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