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Prepare for the health of “Pang Kanya” to move to “Mother” in Chiang Mai.

Bangkok, The National Parks Department is preparing for the health of "Nong Kanya," a baby elephant in the Phu Wua forest who was lost in the herd. Ready to move from Bueng Kan Province to Chiang Mai Province because the owner of the elephant camp offered to go live with a mother elephant who had just given birth so that "Nong Kanya" could drink the mother elephant's milk. To strengthen immunity and teach how to live.

Mr. Phadet Laithong, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Office, said he received orders from Mr. Atthaphon Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. Acting Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation for preparing the health of "Nong Kanya", a lost wild elephant calf, to be strong. The baby elephant is currently being nursed at Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary. Bueng Kan Province

The National Park Department It was coordinated by Mr. Teerapat Trangprakarn, who is the owner of Patara Elephant Conservation, Ban Mae Khanil Nuea, Ban Pong Subdistrict, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province. that he is ready to let the mother elephant who has just given birth be the "received mother" of "Nong Kanya", which is coordinated through Miss Kanchana Silpa-archa

For the mother elephant of Patara Elephant Conservation who just gave birth to a calf named Pangwandee and has a lot of milk. Can be used to raise "Nong Kanya" together. There are also three mother elephants with young babies at the farm: Pang Mae Noi, Pang Toke, and Pang Buela, as well as a kind-hearted mother elephant named Pang Bua Tong. If any elephant has a baby, she will help raise them.

If “Nong Kanya” comes to stay at the farm, she will be able to drink mother elephant milk and naturally eat mother elephant droppings. To help strengthen the immune system, as well as having "Mother Rab" to teach how to live. And there will also be a newly born baby elephant named "Tharin" as a friend.

Mr. Phadet said that the veterinary team of the National Parks Department has given "Nong Kanya" a walk to exercise every morning for 20 minutes a day, as she was not strong when they first met her on September 12th. It is now progressively stronger. Walking much more easily Your veterinarian will perform blood tests to reassess your overall health. They also trained them to get into the moving truck to get used to it.

As for Patara Elephant Conservation's veterinary team, they will stimulate the milk production of three mother elephants, except for Mae Wandee who has just given birth and has a lot of milk. As well as having already made a pen to wait for reception.

When assessing that "Nong Kanya" is strong and ready to travel. Will move from Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary Bueng Kan Province to Patara Elephant Conservation, Chiang Mai Province The veterinarian will closely monitor you throughout the trip. and will continue to monitor his well-being.

Source: Thai News Agency

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