Police attacked a middle school student while arresting a motorcycle with loud exhaust pipes.

Chaiyaphum 15 Mar. - Spread on social media! Image of police attacking middle school students while arresting them for riding a motorcycle with loud pipes. Parents bring their children to cry. Superintendent of Khon Sawan Police Station Do you go beyond reason? E-Sor's page crushes the news Post a clip of the police arresting a teenage boy. and questioned the actions of the two police officers, whether they went beyond reason or not. This is when the police used their helmets to hit another teen who was not resisting. Even though I've fallen Before being arrested, the child fled on a motorcycle with a loud pipe. Today, Mrs. Pim, 58 years old, takes her 16-year-old son "Mr. Bee", a Mathayom 3 student, at a school in Chaiyaphum province. File a complaint with Pol. Col. Panyot Peerayosawarit, superintendent of Khon Sawan Police Station. As a result of the night of March 14, 2024, Mr. Bee's son was assaulted by patrol police. At the famous department store in the heart of Khon Sawan Municipal Fresh Market. Kho n Sawan Road, Ban Lat Yai Mr. Den is 25 years old, the older brother of "Mr. A" is 13 years old, a Mathayom 1 student at the same school as Mr. B. Provide information to reporters that While they brought the children Riding a motorcycle to visit the Teal Festival Which is responsible for Khon Sawan District Office There were police on patrol on motorcycles coming alongside their group of cars. So they rode away and fled along the Chaiyaphum-Lat Yai road. But Mr. A and Mr. B He was arrested while his car was running on the road. Because Mr. A The pillion seat was pulled by the collar. Mr. B, who was riding a motorcycle, was afraid that his car would fall, so he parked his car and a chaos ensued. while the officers arrested According to the picture that appears in the clip published on social media. There was criticism as to whether the officers had acted too harshly or not. The officers then informed them to follow them to the police station and have them take the two of them home. Let's talk in the morning. and undergo a urine test before being released. The incident occurred on the night of March 14 while a teal event was being held. In front of Khon Sawan District During the concert, groups of young people gradually came to watch the performance. and at the entrance door Police found that there were a group of teenagers riding motorcycles driving around making loud noises. Come as a group So he rode a motorcycle and chased after him. and arrested two teenagers in front of the department store in the Khon Sawan Municipal Fresh Market. The rest of the generation They drove away and disappeared into the darkness. Recently, officials called "Mr. A-Mr. B" along with his parents came to Khon Sawan Police Station and fined both of them for driving loudly, amounting to 400 baht, along with having them bring in new exhaust pipes and send them home.-Bureau Thai news Source: Thai News Agency

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