Points out that strong medicine must be used to deal with cybercrime.

Government House, "Prasert" calls a meeting on plans to manage cyber crimes. According to the Prime Minister's order, it is expected that results will be seen within 30 days, indicating that strong medicine must be used. Create suffering for the people. Mr. Prasert Chandraruangthong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Referring to the orders of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Culture. that hastened the Ministry of Digital Affairs Work to solve cyber crime problems within 30 days, said the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Has integrated work with the Technology Crime Investigation Bureau (SOT) to solve the problem effectively within 30 days. There will be an urgent meeting with the SOT to determine guidelines. work and proceed according to the orders issued by the Prime Minister. Mr. Prasert also said that stronger medicine must be used in this matter. Because of cyber crimes, especially call center gangs It caused a lot of suffering to our Thai brothers and sisters. We are collaborating with neighboring countries to solve problems. Two weeks ago, we sent the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Go join in negotiations with Cambodia. Currently, an action plan is being implemented. It is expected that it will take 30 days to see results. At least one action must be taken. for arrest and punish the perpetrators Please everyone stay tuned. As for the issue of cyber security in the case of the Pyongyang government North Korea Steals Cryptocurrency to Develop Nuclear Weapons Has the Ministry already inspected it? Because digital currency is also used in Thailand, Mr. Prasert said that the Cyber ??Security Protection Committee must be in charge of it. There is currently discussion. and keep an eye on the situation at all times. Source: Thai News Agency

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