Pita: MFP Open to Talks with Pheu Thai over House Speaker Rift

BANGKOK, May 26 (TNA) – The Move Forward Party (MFP) will hold talks with Pheu Thai Party to end a rift over which party to get the House Speaker role, said MFP leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

The issue should be discussed through the negotiation team set up by coalition partners to create understanding before the parliament meeting begins. All coalition partners should hold hands tightly to proceed with the formation of the new government, setting the benefit of the people as the goal, he said.

His party strongly believed that Pheu Thai would not pull out of the coalition and they could work together. He was confident that both parties could reconcile and would find a solution.

People pin hope on coalition partners to form the new government and there are more challenges they will face. The House speaker role may be a small problem and all parties can put their proposals on the table. It is normal to have different opinions in working together, Pita said. (TNA)

Source: Thai News Agency

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