“Pita” led 8 parties to sign an MOU, holding 23 agendas to change the country.

Conrad School, May 22 - "Pitha" led 8 parties to sign a mutual agreement to form a government, raising 23 agendas to change the country. Draft new constitution - equal marriage - abolish military conscription Agreed on the practice of protecting the political rights of the people. Anyone found to be corrupt, terminate the position immediately.

Mr. Pita Limjaroenrat Leader of the Kao Klai Party, along with Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Pheu Thai Party leader, Mr. Wan Muhammad Nor Mata, leader of the Prachachat Party, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party, Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Tameyaves, leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, Mr. Wasawat Phuangpornsri, leader of the Pheu Thai Ruam Palang Party, Mr. Pitiphong Temcharoen, leader of the Tham Party, and Mr. Chaowarit Khajohnpongkirati, leader of the Social Power Party. new jointly announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a government at Conrad Bangkok

Mr. Phitha said that May 22nd is important in the history of Thai politics. In addition to the anniversary of the coup on 22 May 2014, today is also the day we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a government. It is a mark of mutual success in Thai society. that we can transition through democracy peacefully through the parliamentary system

The leader of the Progressive Party said that The purpose of the preparation of a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of this government. It is a gathering of 'common agendas' that all parties agree on. And ready to push through the mechanisms of the government and parliament, at the same time, it is the joint responsibility of the coalition to form a government to present to the people of the country.

It was made to create a basis for forming a government and working together between the Kao Klai Party, the Pheu Thai Party, and the Prachachat Party. Thai Sang Thai Party Thai Liberal Party Pheu Thai Ruam Palung Party, Tham Thamma Party and New Social Power Party All parties agree that the mission of the government that all parties will push is must not affect the form of the state Democracy with the King as Head of State and living in a sacred capacity Who is inviolable of the King Consists of the following joint agenda

restore democracy Including the preparation of the people's constitution as soon as possible. The members of the Constituent Assembly are directly elected by the people.

Confirmed and passed the Equal Marriage Act. To guarantee marriage rights for couples of all genders It will not force people who find it inconsistent with the principles of their religion.

Pushing for reforms in the bureaucratic system, the police, the military and the judiciary. In accordance with democratic principles based on transparency, modernity and efficiency. and the best interest of the people

Changing compulsory military service is a voluntary system However, it still maintains the conscription during the war.

Join us in pushing for a sustainable peace process in the southern border provinces. taking into account human rights principles coexistence in a multicultural society Participation of all sectors including reviewing agency missions and law enforcement on security matters

Push for decentralization in both mission and budget terms. in order for the locality to respond appropriately to the needs of the people in the area efficient free from corruption

Solve the problem of corruption by creating a transparent system and culture of the state. Disclose state information in all departments.

revitalize the economy by adhering to the principle of increasing public income reduce inequality and create an economic system that grows fairly

overhaul the law on livelihood And the livelihood of the people, such as cutting, reducing or temporarily suspending the approval Unnecessary permission and hindrance to new improvements. Provide financial liquidity and handicap for SMEs while focusing on SME GDP growth, supporting the industry. and Thai products to be strong able to compete with the world market

Eliminate monopoly and promote fair competition in all industries such as alcoholic beverages. (The Prachachat Party reserves the right to disapprove only the alcoholic beverage industry for religious reasons.)

complete land reform with the improvement of relevant laws Fair distribution of land holdings Solve the problem of forest boundaries and state lands that overlap with people's lands. including reviewing cases resulting from the forest reclamation policy

Improve electricity generation structure, price calculation and suitable production capacity. to reduce people's cost of living and create energy security

Create a new budget Emphasis is placed on zero-based budgeting.

Create a welfare system to take care of people from newborns to the elderly. taking into account the suitability and long-term fiscal burden

urgently address the drug problem

Bring marijuana back to the list of narcotics through the issuance of a notification from the Ministry of Public Health. There are laws regulating and supporting the use of marijuana.

Promote safe agriculture and livestock reduce production costs Increase access to markets, technology and water resources. Strengthen farmers' groups to plan production and protect farmers' interests. Promote the agricultural product processing industry to create economic value.

Amending fishery laws, eliminating obstacles, remedies, rehabilitating and developing sustainable fishing careers.

Elevate the rights of workers in all occupations to have fair employment conditions. and receive fair wages in line with the cost of living and economic growth

Enhance public health systems to provide people with access to quality public health services that promote, prevent, treat and restore health.

Reforming the education system to raise quality reduce inequality and promote lifelong learning

Build domestic and international cooperation and mechanisms to solve the problem of toxic dust Including reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero (Net Zero) as soon as possible.

carry out foreign policy by restoring Thailand's leadership role in ASEAN and the international arena according to various cooperation frameworks especially the multilateral cooperation framework Including maintaining the political balance between Thailand and the great powers.

Phitha continued that All parties agreed that they would jointly manage the country in the following ways:

All parties will protect the civil and political rights of all citizens.

All parties will work with integrity. If any person of any party engages in dishonest or corruption behaviors, all parties will immediately terminate that person's position.

Every party will work with respect to each other, being sincere to each other, supporting each other's work. By adhering to the interests of the people as a location more than the interests of any one party

Every party has the right to push for further policies. but not contradicted by the policies in the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of this government. By virtue of the executive power of the ministers representing each political party.

All parties have the right to pursue other policies in addition to, but not in conflict with, the policies of this MOU. by virtue of the legislative power of the representatives of each political party

The reporter reported that after Mr. Phitha had finished reading the contents of the memorandum of understanding to form a government. has signed the memorandum Before submitting documents to leaders of 7 other political parties to sign .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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