Photographer is thrilled to find a strange-looking worm. The head looks like a dragon.

Phatthalung, Excited about the Year of the Dragon, finding a strange-looking worm with a green body and a head similar to a dragon at Srinakarin District, Phatthalung Province. became a sensation When a group of photographers took photos of birds and wildlife in the area "Nam Pa Dui Mangosteen Garden" Village No. 7, Lamsin Subdistrict, Srinakarin District, Phatthalung Province, found strange-looking worms. It is a leaf-eating caterpillar. The body is round, segmented, green, about 2 inches long, and the distinctive feature is that the head of the caterpillar has 4 crests protruding like horns. It looks like the head of a dragon, a mythical creature, looks strange. dragon glass worm When it is about 30 days old, it becomes a chrysalis. And it's a butterfly called the common green horse butterfly. After the news spread There was a group of photographers from other provinces who came to see it. Meanwhile, nearby villagers also came to see the cute little dragon-headed glass worm. From information and photos It was found to be a dragon fruit worm. Rarely found in Thailand Most of them are in the Himalayan mountain range. and around India, Myanmar and Indonesia In Thailand, it used to be found in Ubon Ratchathani. As for the southern region, there have been no reports of this type of dragon-headed glass worm being found before. The distinctive feature is the area of ??the head that has four-pointed thorns, similar to a dragon. The body is dark-light green. Some species have beautiful, eye-catching colorful stripes. And will become a butterfly that is not often found today. Source: Thai News Agency

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