“Phairin” suggests reviewing the PDP power structure

"Phairin" recommends reviewing the power structure of the PDP system after Thailand has excess power reserves. Gas concept in the Gulf of Thailand Send power plants directly. ERC waits for the policy to be clear. people benefit The industrial sector may be hit hard.

Mr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited, said during the seminar on "Analysis of information for energy regulatory affairs" that the announcement of the MOU of the 8 coalition parties By modifying the energy structure, it is seen that reducing the amount of power reserves from the current 50 percent because it expects long-term economic growth according to the PDP plan, but during the COVID-19 problem, the economy collapses when using less electricity therefore there is a large reserve surplus Considering that the appropriate amount of reserves is 30 percent, if it is reduced to 20 percent, it is considered that the reserve is very small, there may be a crisis. Because if the economy grows, electricity consumption is higher. Massive reserves will gradually decrease from the present. Especially in the summer when there is a lot of electricity consumption. has reduced the reserves In the long term, the amount of backup power is high. Better results than shortages

"Electrical Structure of Thailand The government decides to use the PDP system, while many countries have energy security. Therefore use the power pool system. Many countries in ASEAN already use this system. When Thailand uses the PDP system until the amount of backup power exceeds May have to change the idea that the PDP system is suitable for the era of insufficient electric power. May have to change to a free electric system or not. So that every morning there is a free price for electricity purchases. Because Thailand has reached the point that the amount of reserve power is exceeded. no shortage Therefore, it depends on which type to use, ”said Mr. Pairin.

As for the concept of bringing gas from the Gulf of Thailand sent directly to the power plant Then send it to the industrial sector later. It is considered a new concept and a major change in energy policy in Thailand in the past 40 years. Therefore, it must be carefully studied. Recognize that energy production has costs. Thailand must import In the past, every government tried their best. Nothing can consecrate energy to be cheaper. Currently, Thailand buys energy and buys stability. many neighboring countries cheap energy prices But there is an electrical problem power outages very often if willing to pay security Must be willing to pay for the amount of reserves in the right proportion, admitting that the energy restructuring Revising the power purchase agreement from the Independent Power Producer (IPP) may be difficult as the contract contains obligations. because of legal agreements If there is a solution, the government must compensate, so the solution must look forward.

Mr. Weerapol Chirapraditkul Former Energy Regulatory Commissioner admit that Renewable energy prices are uncertain. Therefore, the signal must be sent to people to use electricity efficiently. and want to cancel the price subsidy For example, promoting the use of NGV gas when the government subsidizes low prices, there are many people using NGV cars, but when canceling subsidies, adjusting prices to reflect costs People stop using NGV cars, almost all but trucks. For promoting the use of electric cars, it is advisable to charge the battery during the night as it is cheaper than charging during the day. admitted that charging with a quick charge system at that time Causing the battery to deteriorate more than gradually charging during the night

Mr. Komkrit Tantravanich office secretary The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that the trend of using electric cars has continued to rise. Because Thailand has a power transmission system distributed throughout the country. For hydrogen energy, it is still difficult to find a place to fill. The government therefore has to choose a way to promote how to choose to promote. Currently, the government is trying to promote the establishment of sufficient charging stations in all regions. As for the concept of bringing gas from the Gulf of Thailand sent directly to the power plant Then send it to the industrial sector later. Such a policy was used in the past January-April, but it increased the cost of industrial electricity. may affect the cost and affect the price of the product. The new government had to make a decision, and the ERC was ready to implement the policy.

Mr. Pairin added that the electric train is a digital car that can run, suitable for the new generation. Used in many countries around the world, now China. Become the world's largest exporter of electric cars And if the Chinese car camp expand to invest in the country May see cars costing 2-3 hundred thousand baht running on the roads in Thailand in the future. while other energy May need to adjust, for example, Toyota vehicles powered by hydrogen. had to close the factory in the United States. Because the new generation turns to many electric cars. Acknowledging that current battery production technology is changing very rapidly. There is more progress in development both smaller and very high energy storage use of electric vehicles therefore changing all the time.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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