PCR test to become cheaper in Iran

The Director-General of the Health Laboratory of the Iran Ministry of Health announced the approval of the price reduction of PCR test by the Supreme Council of Health Insurance.

“The price of the PCR test is now about $138. Of course, some laboratories charge more which is a violation,” the Director-General of the Health Laboratory of the Iran Ministry of Health Siyamak Sameiee said, Trend reports citing IRNA.

“No decision has yet been made on antigen tests for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19, as its kits have not yet been imported into the country,” he said adding that no tariff has yet been set for rapid diagnosis testing by the private sector.

He went on to say that “With the approval of the Supreme Insurance Council, the cost of PCR testing (which are performed by the private sector) is to be significantly reduced.”

“The decree was submitted to the cabinet of ministers two weeks ago, and after the approval of the cabinet, the cost of corona testing in the private sector will soon be reduced,” he added.

He noted that the cost of performing PCR testing in the public sector is about $59, which, of course, no cost is taken from the people and is paid by the Ministry of Health and Insurance.

Samiei had previously told IRNA that about 25,000 PCR tests are performed daily in the country, and with the purchase of new kits and PCR kits, it is expected to reach about 50,000 tests per day.

“In addition, 2-3 million kits for antigen rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 are expected to import into the country from South Korea in the next two weeks. It takes between 15 to 30 minutes to determine the result of antigen tests for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19” he noted.

Source: TREND News Agency

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