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palm oil price June adjusted up Due to the end of the peak production period

Bangkok, The Office of the Office of Education reveals that the price of palm oil in June increased to an average of 4.09 baht/kg. The reason is that it is the end of the period when palm oil will be very productive. It is expected that 2024 will yield 18 million tons, similar to last year. come Office of Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Economics Office), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Indicating the oil palm situation in June 2024, the price of oil palm sold by farmers has increased slightly from May. The average price is 4.09 baht/kg per kilogram, from 3.95 baht per kilogram in May. This is due to Product will be released to the market, approximately 1.649 million tons decreased from May, with oil palm producing continuous production throughout the year. The period that produces less production is The end of the year continues the beginning of the year. As a result, from January to April 2024, the price that farmers can sell is on average more than 4 baht per kilogram to 5 baht, but the per iod that produces the most produce is From March - June, it is a period when prices decrease. Oil palm situation in 2024, in which production throughout the country was found (forecast information as of March 26, 2024), the productive area was 6.381 million rai, increasing from last year when the productive area was 6.248 million rai, an increase of 132,959 rai or 2.13 percent. Production was 18.121 million tons, a decrease from last year's yield of 18.267, a decrease of 146,471 tons or 0.80 percent. Productivity per area of ??yield was 2,840 kilograms per rai, down from 2,924 kilograms per rai. This decreased from last year by 84 kilograms per rai or 2.87 percent. It is expected that Overall, productive areas in the South will increase as farmers plant new oil palms in 2021, which will replace rubber. Some expanded areas to plant oil palms in place of rice fields. wasteland It will begin producing production this year. The expansion of oil palm planting areas in 2021 is due to the good price of palm oil si nce 2021. As for the production per area of ??production for the entire country, it is expected that Decreased because from the end of 2022 until May 2023, oil palm trees were affected by hot and dry weather conditions. Insufficient rainfall Make some of the leaves fold. Immature oil palm trees The number of bunches to be collected in 2024 decreased. Between November 2023 and early 2024, the El Niño phenomenon intensified. As a result, the amount of rainfall is insufficient to meet the needs of the oil palm trees, which may result in a reduction in the weight per bunch. For this year's produce, which came to market the most from March - June, it accounted for 38 percent of the total production. In May, approximately 1.694 tons of produce went to market. Farmers gathered their produce and concentrated it in front of the dumping ground. As a result, the price of oil palm fruit bunches, both assorted bunches, that farmers can sell in May has decreased to an average of 3.95 baht per kilogram, but at this time, which is the end of the high-productivity period, the price has increased as such. Source: Thai News Agency

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