Over 20 service members died in each of the past 5 yrs from safety mishaps: data

SEOUL,  More than 20 military personnel died from safety accidents in each of the past five years, defense ministry data showed Thursday.

The number of victims of accidents at barracks came to 28 in 2015; 24 in 2016; 23 in 2017; 26 in 2018 and 23 last year, according to the data compiled by the defense ministry.

“The hazard rate in the military is lower than that in the civilian sector, but the military has still seen a steady occurrence of deaths due to safety accidents,” the ministry said in a release.

With a goal to halve the number by 2025, the ministry set up the “safety policy team” on Thursday in charge of devising and implementing comprehensive measures to prevent accidents inside barracks.

The ministry also launched a 13-member advisory committee involving experts and industry officials to support the drive, it added.

“Based upon new policy measures and diverse opinions, we will devise a five-year basic safety plan for the defense field in the second half of this year to ensure safer environments for our service members,” the ministry said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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