Opinion over Hong Kong protests should be expressed within boundaries of law: foreign ministry

SEOUL-- Expressing an opinion in a country should come within the boundaries of its local laws and regulations, Seoul's foreign ministry said Thursday, regarding a recent clash between Korean and Chinese college students over posters supporting Hong Kong's anti-government protest.

Scuffles have broken out at some universities after a few handwritten posters on bulletin boards rooting for the protesters in Hong Kong were torn and damaged, presumably by Chinese overseas students.

Late last week, a spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy in Seoul issued a statement and said it is "natural" for young students to express resentment and opposition to actions that undermine China' sovereignty and distort facts.

It also said that all Chinese people living abroad are required to comply with its law and regulations.

"When an opinion is expressed with regards to (the incidents), we think that it should be done in accordance with the South Korean laws and regulations," foreign ministry spokesman Kim In-chul told a press briefing.

"The ministry is closely watching the situation on the Hong Kong issue, including universities," he added.

When asked if the ministry has conveyed its position to the Chinese embassy about the posters, Kim said the two sides are "communicating frequently" on issues of mutual concern.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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