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Opening 10 activities for “Bus Card members” traveling July-September.

Bangkok, Opening 10 activities for Bus Card members. Buy tickets online and receive 2-5 times extra points and redeem for many special privileges. Stimulate travel on public holidays during the 3 months "July-September 2024" hoping to increase ticket bookings online - support domestic tourism. Support government policy Mr. Atthawit Rakchamroon, committee member and acting president of Transport Company Limited (Bus Company), revealed that according to the policy of the Ministry of Transport that agencies under the Ministry of Transport Implement measures to support travel during the 4th quarter (July-September 2024) to promote tourism. In line with measures to reduce tourism taxes in secondary cities. and stimulate the domestic economy of that government The company has therefore organized the activity "Bus Card Members" to buy tickets online and receive special points for the 4th quarter (July-Sept. 2024) for a period of 3 months, totaling 10 activities to promote sales and support. Travel and tourism on public holidays Including encouraging customers to apply for Bus Card membership and use the service to reserve tickets through online channels continuously. and come back to use the service again As well as giving importance to the Double Day Sales campaign to allow customers to travel on special days of the month or during important festivals. Helps add color and attract customers to use the service on special occasions. For the "Bus Card Member" activity, buy tickets online and receive special points. There are 10 activities conducted over a period of 3 months (July - Sep. 2024) with the following details: July 2024 includes 1 . Buy tickets online . Travel on the 7th day of the 7th month and receive 3 times the special accumulated points. 2. The anniversary of the founding of the Transport Company Limited (B.K.S.). Travel on 13 July 2024 and receive 5 times the special accumulated points. 3. Asarnha Bucha Day, Buddhist Lent Day and Compensate for Buddhist Lent Travel between 19 - 25 July 2024, receive 2x extra points. 4. His Majesty the King's birthday. His Majesty the King Travel between 26 - 31 July 2024 and receive 2x extra points. August 2024 includes 5. Buy tickets online. Travel on the 8th day of the 8th month, receive 3 times special accumulated points. 6. His Majesty the King's Birthday Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Her Majesty the Queen The Queen Mother of the Queen Mother and Mother's Day Travel between 10 - 12 Aug. 2024, receive 2x extra points. 7. National Science and Technology Day. Travel between 16 - 21 Aug. 2024 and receive 2 times special accumulated points. 8. The 67th Thai Tiew Thai Event. Travel between 22 - 25 Aug. 2024 and receive 3 times special accumulated points and in September. . 2567 includes 9. Buy tickets online. Travel on the 9th day of the 9th month, receive 3x extra points and 10. Thai State Enterprise Day. Travel between 19 - 25 Sep 2024 and receive 2x extra points. In this regard, 2-5 times the special accumulated points according to the above activities will be given to speci al privileges to customers of Bus Card members who purchase tickets through online channels such as the Bus Station website or Application: E-Ticket, with no date limit. buy and must travel on special days on the specified date only By this special accumulated points Can be exchanged for fare discounts, souvenirs, and others according to the conditions set by the company and cannot be exchanged for cash. For more information, call the Marketing and Customer Relations Department at 0 - 2537 - 8737 or call Bus Station Call Center 1490 24 hours a day. Source: Thai News Agency

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