Only one in 10 single people say they want to hold a wedding: poll

SEOUL Only one in 10 single people in South Korea actively say they want to hold a wedding, a survey said Monday.

According to the poll of 2,464 unmarried people 1,140 men and 1,324 women aged between 20 to 44 by the state-run Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, only 10.8 percent of female respondents said they are entirely in favor of a wedding ceremony.

Another 34.4 percent of women said they generally want to have a wedding, according to the poll conducted by the institute last year to file an annual report on family and welfare policies.

Among male respondents, 14.5 percent entirely agree that having a wedding ceremony is a must, with 44.2 percent saying they are generally in favor of the view.

Overall, nearly half of single want to have weddings, but only slightly more than 10 percent of them actively favored a wedding, the survey found.

Analysts at the institute say the importance of marriage-related formalities appears to be declining in Korean society amid trends of attaching greater importance to people's own judgments and decisions.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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