Online clothing sellers arrested but not delivering items to customers

Bangkok, May 27 – DDS arrested clothing merchants deceiving them to sell things through the internet. Use the university library to chat with the victim. Claims to have received the money and there is no item

On May 27, Pol. Col. Teerasak Pol. Lt. Col. Warapatch Wuthirak, Pol. Lt. Col. Marodom Kwanmuang, deputy superintendent of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. ordered Pol.Lt.Col. Chada Sesavej, NDSC led the 3rd Task Force to investigate and arrest suspects who scammed online sellers who caused trouble to the public. Police officers Therefore investigating and arresting Mr. Supasin, 27 years old, Phuket, the accused under the arrest warrant. of the Nonthaburi District Court No. 53/2566 dated February 3, 2023, committing the offense of "fraud" and is an accused under the arrest warrant at the Prachinburi Provincial Court No. 227/2565 dated November 11, 2022 for the offense of "By dishonest or deceitful into a computer system that distorts or forges computer data, whether in whole or in part; or false computer information In a way that is likely to cause damage to any person and defraud other people's property.” Arrested at a university in the Bang Khen area on May 26th.

As a result, there was a victim who used Facebook named Supasin Supasin to post pictures of items for sale on various pages since 2021, both in the ancient Thai weapon conservation group, the monk auction group, the film camera seller group, the group for buying and replacing musical instrument equipment, etc. From the investigation, it was found that the victim posted a warning message by Mr. Supasin. Deceived to sell products but did not deliver the goods to more than 13 cases. Therefore followed the accused until he learned that it was Mr. Supasin, then investigated until he was found in a library in Bang Khen University and arrested him.

From the investigation, Mr. Supasin testified that He actually caused the incident by asking the customer to transfer money but there was no product delivered. Currently claiming to have a career in selling clothes around the new bridge. But according to the investigation by the DDS police officers, it was found that Mr. Supasin Often use the area of a university library. To talk to customers online to deceive sales. Preliminarily brought the delivery person to the investigating officer. Bang Sri Muang police station prosecuted according to the law. Don't be fooled by the pictures posted for sale on the page. Check to be sure whether the said person used to sell products online before or not.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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