One more arrested while staying at a residence in Cambodia. Accused of murdering young Korean man

Bangkok, One more person arrested, accused of murdering a young Korean man. They were arrested at a residence in Cambodia. Preparing to send him back to Korea for further prosecution. In the case of a young Korean man, Mr. Roh Eun Jong, age 34, was murdered by a fellow countryman, his body was stuffed into a 200 liter bucket and then weighed down with cement at Map Prachan Reservoir, Village No. 3, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, most recently Pol. Police Lieutenant Colonel Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Police Commander, revealed that the investigation team is preparing to issue arrest warrants for three South Korean male suspects, including Mr. Lee Roun / Mr. Kim Hyeonngwon / Mr. Lee Yongjin on 3 charges. Killing another person with premeditation Detaining, restraining etc. and conceal the corpse After Mr. Roh's older sister He came to see the condition of the body that had been brutally murdered and was able to confirm the identity of the person as his own brother. Because the re are defects in the appearance that match Especially the scars on the left eyebrow, right eyebrow, and the mole on the back. and a scar on the left leg Therefore, it is believed that this corpse is Mr. Roh. As for the results of the identity and DNA tests, it was confirmed by forensics that the corpse in question was Mr. Roh because the results of the DNA comparison of the deceased matched with those of his father. And the test results report will be officially released within today. Meanwhile, the police investigation team has been coordinated by the South Korean police. According to the official of Cambodia Mr. Lee (Lee Youngjin) has been detained and was arrested at a residence in Phnom Penh on May 13. After this, Mr. Lee will be deported back to Korea Gyeongnam Police Agency for further investigation. Source: Thai News Agency

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