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OIC opens license issuance system ‘Agent-Broker-Casualty Assessor’ through E-Licensing

Bangkok, The OIC opens the licensing system. 'Agent-Broker-Casualty Assessor' through E-Licensing The Office of the OIC recognizes the importance of changes in the modern world with behavioral changes in daily life. By applying technology to be able to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. In order to increase efficiency in the agent licensing service system. insurance broker and casualty assessors, the OIC has developed a platform Insurance agent/broker licensing service system and casualty assessors electronically (E-Licensing) fully integrated by applying technology to be able to link together the OIC Office's database system related to insurance intermediaries, such as training information, examination information, financial systems, and linking with the base system. Other external government data such as population registration data with the Department of Provincial Administration Legal entity registration information with the Department of Business Development To reduce steps and increase flexibil ity and accuracy in the work process between departments. E-Licensing is the development of work processes. Since providing information Applying for a license Requesting license renewal The delivery of information as required by the Office of the OIC is expeditious. Including paying fees with more convenience The objective is to support the modification of the process related to the licensing of insurance intermediaries. And it facilitates insurance intermediaries to submit applications and/or documents in electronic form. The E-Licensing system can provide services through web applications and mobile applications. Chan (Mobile Application) In addition, the general public can access information of insurance intermediaries that have been licensed by the registrar in a complete, accurate, and convenient manner. You can check the information of the insurance middleman through the website by yourself, such as the license information of the insurance middleman. License status Name of the seller's agency, etc. A t present, the OIC Office has activated the E-Licensing system. From January 2, 2024, in terms of methods of use and channels of use through the said E-Licensing system, insurance intermediaries Insurance companies and the public can study additional details from the user manual and video clips introducing various uses, as well as public relations documents. At the OIC Office website (, OIC Office Facebook (oicthailand), Mobile Application (OIC middleman For Sure), Line Official (@oicconnect) and OIC hotline 1186. Source: Thai News Agency

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