“Noom” is ready to mediate with “June” to divide the money and debt in half.

Bangkok,, Lawyer Decha reveals "Noom Kala" is ready to mediate with "June" to divide assets and debts in half. Please stop creating drama. Point out that you cannot give false testimony to the court. Mr. Decha Kittiwittayanan Lawyers for Mr. Nomphasin Sangsuwan or "Noom Kala" revealed the case of an interview with "June Penchulee" regarding the issue of testimony before the court that had previously filed a third case against "Noom Kala". Has an annual income of 30 million baht, but in the financial statements presented there is an income of only 14 million baht. Is this perjury? Lawyer Decha said that this case made him question why there were so many different amounts of testimony given. Could this be due to a misunderstanding or was the lawyer misinformed? Because the above numbers affect compensation claims in adultery cases. As for the case where Khun June stated that the amount of 30 million baht in testimony to the court was just a round number. which cannot testify before the court in the manner of Ban Nam Sali Because there must be clear numbers and matters that are not true cannot be testified to in court. Lawyer Decha further added that The fact that he came out to speak I did not think that it would affect the client's family problems because he had been having problems for a long time. Because the two didn't talk to each other. Just discussing the details of expenses only. But I would like to say to Khun June that you should not expose your children to the world of social media. If you truly love children, because there is Section 27 of the Child Protection Act, there is no problem in the relationship between father and child. When the reporter asked: Will this matter be finished or can we talk about it? Lawyer Decha stated that we can mediate. But I would like to ask June to stop giving interviews to the media. Or appear on various programs because problems within the family should not be presented to the public, and "Noom Kala" is considered a public figure. This greatly affects your reputation and job acceptance. And the infidelity case has long since ended. However, if you want to talk or mediate, you can come to see yourself. Happy and ready But if it doesn't stop then legal action must be taken because "Noom Kala" is stressed out every day from social trends and he doesn't want to prosecute Khun June to the point of having to go to jail. The condition is that assets and debts are divided in half. On June 15th, "Noom Kala" will enter ordination. Until the matter is finished, if not, it may not be possible to become ordained. Source: Thai News Agency

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