“Nonkun” praises “Afl” for being very beautiful, taking a photo together for the first time

Nine Entertainment, Nonakul praises Aef as very beautiful, taking a photoshoot together for the first time. Say! Love scenes in real life are more embarrassing than in dramas. Revealing the first Valentine's Day, lock the sweet queue on the same day. Giving out lots of sweet moments for the FC to enjoy. As for the young male lead, Nonkul Chanon, who is in love with the female leading lady, Aph Thaksaorn, recently he posted a picture of a sweet couple for Valentine's Day this year, which got fans teasing him a lot. Nonakun revealed that the picture posted on Instagram was a photoshoot for a famous magazine together. Valentine's Day Concept Nonkun reveals that the interview in the magazine is even sweeter than the released photos. He admitted that he was excited to be filming with AFL for the first time. He admitted that he was still awkward because he was embarrassed because the moments they were filming together had to be close. But he tried to do his best and said, "P'Afl is really beautiful." Source: T hai News Agency

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