New baseball team combines S. Korean, U.S. troops

A baseball club has been launched under the Republic of Korea-United States Combined Forces Command (CFC), banding together Korean and American troops and civilian workers in the CFC, an official said Thursday.

The “We Go Together” baseball team, named after the casually used slogan for the South Korea-U.S. alliance, plans to have a launch ceremony in the near future, the CFC official said.

About 20 commissioned and non-commissioned officers, soldiers and military-employed civilian workers from both sides have so far joined up with the baseball club, the official said.

After the launch ceremony, the players will meet up in the baseball park inside the United States Forces Korea’s Yongsan garrison every week for training and friendly matches with other civilian amateur baseball teams, the official said.

The team was first assembled at the suggestion of one South Korean officer inside the CFC who thought the sport, loved both by South Koreans and Americans, could strengthen friendship between the two countries’ soldiers serving in the joint command.

The ROK-U.S. CFC is a unique warfighting command, which will assume the operational control of South Korean forces if a war breaks out here.

On the backdrop of the 1950-53 Korean War and continuing security threats from North Korea, the CFC was launched in 1978 to deter and defeat North Korea’s potential aggression against the South.

“Training and sweating together, the baseball club may greatly contribute to the chemical fusion of the South Korea-U.S. alliance,” the official noted.


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