NBTC removes “World Cup” from “Must Have”. Thai people must watch it for free.

Bangkok, The NBTC board unanimously decided to remove the World Cup from the list of Must Have rules, causing the 2026 World Cup that Thai people may not be able to watch for free. Clinical Professor Dr. Saran Boonbaichaiphruek, Chairman of the NBTC, revealed the results of the committee meeting. Broadcasting business Television business and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) that the NBTC Board has considered and concluded that it is appropriate to cancel the announcement regarding the criteria for important television programs that can be broadcast only on general television services, B.E. 2012 or the Must Have Announcement. The committee voted unanimously with 7 votes to withdraw the purchase of the rights to broadcast the World Cup finals from the Must Have Announcement, which requires copyright owners to broadcast 7 types of sports programs for the public to watch for free throughout the country. Because of the reason that the World Cup was cut out Because it has high market value and wi ll take effect immediately Since the 2026 World Cup, which may cause Thai people to not be able to watch every match for free like every time in the past. As for the Must Have rule, it was originally set to broadcast seven sports events for free, including the SEA Games, ASEAN Para Games, Asian Games, Asian Para Games. olympic games Paralympic Games and World Cup, but now there will be only 6 events. After the World Cup It is no longer in the Must Have announcement. In the past 2022 World Cup, the NBTC approved funding from the Broadcasting Research and Development Fund. Television and telecommunications business For the public benefit or NBTC to broadcast the 2022 World Cup live within a budget of 600 million baht from the full amount of 1,600 million baht. Source: Thai News Agency

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