Navy worker tests negative for coronavirus despite contact with patient

SEOUL (Yonhap) A civilian worker for the Navy tested negative for the new coronavirus but will remain quarantined until after the incubation period, the defense ministry said Thursday.

The Navy worker was put into isolation and underwent a coronavirus test after a 38 year old man he ate together with last month was confirmed Wednesday to have the virus, according to the ministry.

Six other Navy personnel, who shared the same office with him, were also quarantined.

"He tested negative (for the coronavirus)," the ministry said, adding that he will continue to be quarantined in consideration of the incubation period.

None of the seven have shown any symptoms, the ministry said, adding that the test results for the six colleagues will be available soon.

As the country's 17th confirmed case of the virus, the patient visited Singapore on business late last month and came into contact with a Malaysian who later turned out to be infected with the potentially deadly virus.

As of early Thursday, South Korea has 23 confirmed cases. No cases have been reported among service personnel.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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