Navy SEAL-turned-YouTuber claims his team arrived in Ukraine to join war as volunteers

SEOUL-- Rhee Keun, a former Navy special warfare officer who recently gained huge popularity through the reality show "Fake Men" on YouTube, claimed Monday his team has arrived in Ukraine to join the war against Russia as volunteer soldiers.

"Our team safely arrived in Ukraine," the former lieutenant also known as Ken Rhee wrote on Instagram. "We'll fight on the frontlines."

After Rhee's departure, the foreign ministry warned that the group's passports would be nullified if they are confirmed have entered the war-torn country without permission.

In response, Rhee said the ministry had better "contemplate over how to support rather than wasting time seeking to nullify our passports."

On Sunday, Rhee claimed on Instagram and his YouTube channel "ROKSEAL" that his team has left for Ukraine to fight for the country.

Foreign ministry officials said they were aware of the claims and warned of legal measures against any South Korean nationals who enter Ukraine without permission in violation of the Passport Act.

Rhee, a former Korean Navy Underwater Demolition Team military (UDT/SEAL) instructor, first gained fame after serving as a training instructor on his YouTube show "Fake Men." He later appeared on various entertainment shows on major TV networks, such as MBC and SBS.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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