N. Korea unveils slogans ahead of key party congress

North Korea has unveiled hundreds of joint slogans to be used by the ruling party's key committees in a bid to draw allegiance from its people ahead of the party congress in May, the North's state media said Thursday.

The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) plans to hold the first congress in more than three decades in May where the North's leader Kim Jong-un is likely to lay out new policy lines and announce a major reshuffle.

The Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the WPK have unveiled some 350 joint slogans which call for party members, servicemen and other people to make an "all-out charge" to build a thriving nation, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

North Korea has announced the WPK's slogans in the run-up to key political events including the founding anniversary of the party in October as its propaganda means.

The newly unveiled slogans included "Send more satellites of Juche Korea into space!" and "Let's dynamically wage this year's general advance in the same spirit as shown in succeeding in the H-bomb test!"

North Korea conducted what it called a successful test of a hydrogen bomb on Jan. 6. It also launched a long-range rocket carrying what it claimed was a satellite on Feb. 7, a move seen as a banned test of ballistic missile technology.

The party congress is expected to serve as a key event for North Korea's leader Kim to show off his tight grip on power, experts said.

Since taking power in late 2011, the North's young leader has purged and executed party and military officials, strengthening his so-called reign of terror.

For ordinary North Koreans, the communist country has almost doubled the use of fireworks this year compared with last year, including those for celebration of its long-range rocket launch last week.

"The North's move seems to be aimed at encouraging people to show solidarity for the leader," said Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies.

Source: Yonhap