N.K. human rights issues will not be disregarded: HRC head

SEOULThe head of South Korea’s human rights watchdog said Wednesday she will never leave North Korean human rights issues unattended, adding that a foundation handling them should be launched as early as possible.

Choi Young-ae, chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (HRC), made the remarks when asked to clarify her position about the delay of the launch of the state-run foundation during a parliamentary audit of the commission at the National Assembly in Seoul.

The foundation is designed to conduct research and support civic groups to improve North Korea’s dire human rights situation under a law that went into effect in September 2016, but its launch has been put off due to discord between the liberal ruling and conservative opposition parties over the formation of its board.

Pyongyang also has been calling for Seoul to scrap its North Korean human rights act and the foundation, insisting they only hamper efforts to improve cross-border ties.

“I have no thought of evading North Korean human rights issues, and I think the foundation should be quickly launched,” Choi said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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