Moon reiterates commitment to peace, reunification with N. Korea

SEOUL, Oct. 5 (Yonhap) — President Moon Jae-in on Friday reiterated his commitment to peace and eventual reunification with North Korea, saying he dreams of a country that overseas Koreans can visit overland by car and train.

Moon made the remark during a Korean Day ceremony before hundreds of representatives of overseas Koreans from around the world, stressing that the two Koreas are moving beyond national division and confrontation toward peace.

“A dream of the South and the North becoming one in lasting peace. A dream of you and your children visiting your home country by car and train. A dream of (us) prospering throughout the entire world beyond the Korean Peninsula. These are the dreams that I want to make sure to realize,” Moon said during a ceremony at a hotel in southern Seoul.

Moon also said that the two Koreas agreed to jointly celebrate next year’s 100th anniversaries of the nationwide pro-independence uprising against Japan’s colonial rule and the establishment of Korea’s provisional government, and that he hopes overseas Koreans will also join in celebrating the anniversaries.

“This will be a good opportunity to restore homogeneity between the South and the North,” he said.

Moon stressed that the two Koreas are on the path to peace.

“Looking from an airplane going between Pyongyang, Samjiyon and Seoul, I couldn’t find any land divided. There were only mountains and rivers that are connected as one,” Moon said. Samjiyon is a North Korean region near Mount Paekdu. Moon visited the mountain together with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last month.

Moon also promised to take a series of measures to support overseas Koreans.

“We will make sure to draw up and carry out policies for overseas Koreans thoroughly for the benefit of overseas Koreans,” he said. “We will listen more to your voices.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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