Moon calls for toughened fairness, professionalism in police investigations

SEOUL, President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday urged the nation’s police force to engage in investigations with an increased sense of fairness and professionalism, amid the administration’s efforts to bestow more investigative authority on the police.
“As the long-cherished wish of the police is being achieved through reformative legislation, I call on the police to establish an investigation work structure that is based on fairness and professionalism,” Moon said in his speech to the national ceremony to mark the 75th National Police Day.
Adjusting the levels of investigative powers of the prosecution and police has been a key reform agenda of the Moon administration amid long-held public views that the state prosecution has wielded excessive power without adequate checks and balances.
The National Assembly passed a bill in January to allow police to conduct criminal investigations independent from the prosecution. The administration aims to get a follow-up police reform bill passed later this year.
“Through the adjustment in investigative powers, a stepping stone in raising the independence and responsibility of police investigations has been set in place,” Moon said during the event held at the Police Training Institute in Asan, 85 kilometers south of Seoul.
The president also called on police to thoroughly prepare for the launch of an envisioned autonomous police program to be operated separately from the national police supervised by the central government.
“The autonomous police program will soon commence if the National Assembly cooperates,” Moon said. “It will bring about a fundamental shift in the police organization’s operational structure that has lasted 75 years.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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