Mn says Trump, Kim Jng Un t meet, shake hands in Panmunjm

Suth Krean President Mn Jae-in said Sunday that U.S. President Dnald Trump and Kim Jng Un, tp leader f the Demcratic Peple's Republic f Krea (DPRK), will meet in the inter-Krean brder village f Panmunjm, Trend reprts citing Xinhua.

Mn said in a jint press cnference with Trump after hlding their summit in the presidential Blue Huse cmplex that the leaders f the DPRK and the United States will meet and shake hands in Panmunjm fr the first time since the armistice agreement was signed 66 years ag.

The Krean Peninsula has been left divided since the 1950-53 Krean War ended with armistice. If realized, Trump wuld becme the first sitting U.S. president t meet the DPRK leader in Panmunjm.

Mn said the upcming Panmunjm meeting between Kim and Trump wuld becme a "histrically great mment" in the Krean Peninsula's peace prcess.

Trump said he lked frward t the meeting very much, nting that he and Kim had develped a gd relatinship and understd each ther.

Since his first summit with the DPRK leader in Singapre last June, Trump said there had been neither nuclear nr ballistic missile tests frm the DPRK and als the return f the remains f U.S. sldiers killed during the Krean War.

Trump said he had a "certain chemistry" with Kim, but he nted that he was in n rush as he and Kim had a lng way t g.

The U.S. president als described his secnd summit with the DPRK leader in February in the Vietnamese capital f Hani as a "great meeting" mre imprtant than the Singapre summit. The Hani summit ended with n agreement.

Mn will accmpany Trump t Panmunjm, but the Suth Krean president said the Panmunjm meeting wuld be fcused n talks between Trump and Kim as it wuld have a great meaning in letting the DPRK-U.S. talks mve frward.

Mn said he wuld seek his summit with Kim next time, expressing his anticipatin fr a change in the DPRK-U.S. dialgue frm the Panmunjm meeting.

Surce: TREND News Agency

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