Miryang municipality to launch memorial hall for late Korean resistance fighters

MIRYANG, South Korea, Miryang municipal government said Wednesday it will open a memorial hall in the southeastern town next month in memory of a group of late Korean fighters who resisted Japan's 1910-45 colonial rule.

The two-story Euiyeol Memorial Hall, to be launched on March 7, is dedicated to the Euiyeoldan group of Korean independence fighters, which was founded in 1918 in Jilin Province, northeastern China. Among the 13 founding members of the group, five hailed from Miryang.

Also known as the Korean Heroic Corps, the group sought to carry out assassinations of Japanese officials and their collaborators, as well as attacks on Japanese bases.

The memorial hall is located at the birthplace of Kim Won-bong, who led the group and was purged by North Korean founding leader, Kim Il-sung, in 1958 after Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule following Japan's defeat in World War II, and South and North Korea were founded in 1948, separately,

The municipality purchased the land for the birthplace at an investment of 1.2 billion won (around US$1.1 million) in November 2016 to turn it into the memorial hall.

With an exhibition space of 204 square-meters, the memorial hall has a chronicle of Euiyeoldan's activities and a video clip of Kim delivering a speech on the first floor, among other installations.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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