Man faces arrest for brutally abusing 9-year-old daughter

SEOUL, The police on Sunday filed for a warrant to detain a man on charges of brutally abusing his nine-year-old stepdaughter.
Changnyeong Police Station in South Gyeongsang Province applied for the warrant to keep the 35-year-old man in police custody for further investigation after he was arrested a day earlier on child abuse charges.
The police decided to seek the warrant due to the seriousness of the case and the risk that the subject could flee.
The man is accused of brutally tormenting the stepdaughter since 2017 with his wife, the biological mother of the child. They allegedly tied the child with a metal chain, burned her feet with hot metal chopsticks and gave her only one meal a day.
The abuse case came to light after the girl, wearing pajamas and no shoes, was found wandering on a roadside by a neighbor near her home in Changnyeong after escaping from home late last month.
The police earlier raided the home of the girl and found a handful of items that are presumed to have been used to abuse the victim, including chains and a frying pan.
The stepfather has admitted to most of the charges, except the most serious accusations, according to the police.
A court hearing is set for Monday to decide whether to issue the warrant.
Police are also planning to launch an investigation into the 27-year-old mother in the near future. She was hospitalized last week after attempting to injure herself in connection with the police’s intervention in the case.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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