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Mae Oui Mun, great-grandfather, 6 lands, 114 years old

Lamphun, May 18 – Mother Oui Mun, Lamphun people, great-grandmother, long-lived, 6 lands, used to make merit and offer alms to Kruba Sriwichai as well.

Great-grandfather, 6 land, named Mrs. Mun Boonsai, villagers called Mae Ui Mun, located at Village No. 13, Ban Hong Sub-district, Ban Hong District, Lamphun Province, according to the identity card indicating that Born on October 1, 1909, now she is 114 years old, Mae Oui Mun is still healthy. But the line of sight is rarely seen. According to the condition of being very old with a daughter and a son to take care of

Ms. Buakham, 67, the third daughter, said that Mother Oui Mun had 7 children, 3 of whom had died. The eldest was still alive at 76 years old, while the youngest was 64 years old and had 3 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 2 people, the youngest great-grandson, 2 years old, and the father died more than 60 years ago after his father died. Mother Oui Mun did not remarry. Working to raise all 7 children, come alone. Now Mae Oui Mun is still healthy. no disease In addition to minor illnesses, age-related aches and pains most important Mother is a good mood, not stressed, not angry. When mom still sees it, she likes to watch TV. But now I can't see, but my ears can hear.

Mr. Silasak Winan, village headman, Village No. 13, Ban Pa Dam, said that from the examination, Mae Oui Mun was born in the late reign of King Rama V, whose age has reached the reign of King Rama X. be healthy The important secret is to eat false vegetables, steamed vegetables, and is also very much loved and respected by the villagers because she is a philanthropist who likes to make merit. When I was a child, I used to have the opportunity to make merit by offering alms to Kruba Sriwichai. It is an impressive story to remember today. Because at that time, Kruba Sriwichai would only accept the monks who steamed the rice by using cloth to cover the clay pots that had not yet been used in daily life. According to the method of cooking rice in the past by considering from Kruba Srivichai himself And Mae Ummoon was one of the villagers where Kruba Sriwichai received alms giving. –

Source: Thai News Agency

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