LG to use energy efficient, quiet compressors on all new refrigerators

SEOUL-- LG Electronics Inc. said Sunday that it will adopt its energy efficient and quiet compressors on all new refrigerators this year.

The global home appliance manufacturer said its top-of-the-line inverter linear compressor will be used in refrigerators with the exception of one-door units and larger volume machines used commercially.

The company was the first in the world to build a premium linear compressor in 2001 that helped condense and move refrigerants. The compressors that move in a linear fashion instead of rotating are claimed to be 30 percent more efficient compared to more conventional units used by rivals. They also run more quietly making them ideal for use in homes.

LG claimed that its technology has been certified by Germany's VDE to last without any problem for 20 years. VDE is one of Europe's largest technical-scientific associations that overseas standardization, testing and product certification.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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