“Lawyer Tum” reports to a famous page Referring to the account of the horse being detained in a safe house.

Bangkok, "Attorney Tum" reports a complaint to a famous page. After being accused of carrying a horse's account into a safe house The famous page is ready to reveal this afternoon, confirming that the audio clip is real. Previously, "Attorney Tum" Sitra Biabangkerd, Secretary-General of the People's Lawyers Team Foundation posted a message via Facebook There was a message stating, '...suddenly a police page posted a story about me kidnapping the owner of a horse account. Let me tell you here that I don't have a safe house. If you think you are confident in the information I wasn't deceived. I've arranged it. I'm reporting that Attorney Sitra Biabangkerd has detained and detained some brave people. They saw the big play from the last round and came to find out that I was running a website. Almost a year has passed and nothing has been seen…' "Lawyer Tum" also posted an audio clip. It is claimed that the audio clip of the "horse account" in the money laundering case of "Big Police" is in the safe house of a famous lawyer. Ready to specify a message 'To the point of making fake clips of Natthapong. You must be very anxious." "Well, I don't know Natthapong. and friend Natthaphong Said it was not Natthapong's voice. Tomorrow I will report the matter to the Computer Crime Act on this page." And at approximately 10:00 a.m. ago, Attorney Tum along with a team of lawyers Bring evidence of Facebook posts of Page of the Moon Lai Rabbit V2 with an audio clip of the content of the conversation, identified as Mr. Natthaphong. One of the horse accounts in the gambling web network linked to the account of a close friend of Big Police. By the content of the talk It was stated that Attorney Tum had kidnapped Mr. Natthaphong. imprisoned in a safe house During the past October of 2023 Lawyer Tum said that today he has given power of attorney to a lawyer. File a complaint against the said page. on charges of importing false information into the computer system Because it is believed that the audio clip was forged. In order to at tack himself and reduce the credibility of the movement in the case investigating the financial routes of the gambling website network that he himself is now exposing. Along with asking a group of people who know Mr. Natthaphong whether the voice in the clip is Natthaphong or not. Because he believes it is not and warns "lawyer Aun" to be careful of being tricked into becoming a tool. Asked how "Lawyer Aun" came to know about this matter. It's because of the page of Prachan Lai Rabbit V2 that Attorney Tum went to report the crime. has posted a request to state that today (April 2, 2024) at 1:00 p.m., Mr. Phattharaphong Supaksorn or Lawyer Aun will bring the news source who owns the audio clip of the conversation between Mr. Natthaphong (horse account). Come open your face to the media. For society to consider after it was stated that Mr. Natthaphong Was taken to be kept in the safe house of a famous lawyer. Since before October 2023, while Lawyer Aun himself He informed the media that The said witness will b e revealed at Tao Poon Police Station this afternoon. On this issue, "Lawyer Tum" said he was not worried at all and asked the said lawyer to report the charges of detention immediately. Because it can be confirmed that He never kidnapped Mr. Natthaphong. As claimed. Source: Thai News Agency

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