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Laos to list electronic cigarettes among addictive substances

Laos plans to amend and supplement certain provisions of the law on drug prevention and control, with electronic cigarettes to be included in the list of substances and precursors classified as addictive. Speaking at the 9th Lao National Assembly's 6th session, General Vilay Lakhamphong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security, stressed that electronic cigarettes, one of the emerging issues of social concerns, are yet to be listed as prohibited substances. Therefore, in the near future, they will be added to the list of products containing banned addictive substances and precursors. According to the country's Ministry of Health, tobacco-related diseases are the leading cause of death in the country, accounting for about 65%. It is estimated that tobacco causes hundreds of thousands of chronic diseases and claims the lives of 6,700 people annually. In fact, the rate of Lao youth using tobacco, especially electronic cigarettes, is increasing and becoming more prevalent. Therefore, the ministry is concerned that without timely restrictive measures, the nation will soon face a new wave of e-cigarette addiction, which is equally harmful to traditional tobacco./. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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