Korean Air likely to open flights from Pakistan (Pakistan Observer)

Song Bo Young Managing Vice President, Korean Air stated that they are very much impressed with the trade activities going on in Pakistan and he will convey the business opportunities in Pakistan to their Management to consider opening of flights from Pakistan. Opening of direct flight of Korean Air from Pakistan will not only increase Pakistan’s export to Korea but also boost our exports of Perishable products to far eastern market.

The Korean Air Vice President who visited TDAP with a high level 3 member delegation and had a meeting with Chief Executive TDAP today. The purpose of their visit is to study the possibility /feasibility of Korean airline operation in the future including exploration of various avenues of cooperation between Korea and Pakistan. S. M. Muneer, Chief Executive TDAP briefed the Korean air delegation about the trade potential available between Pakistan and Korea.

He further explained that if Korea air will open their operations from Pakistan, they will get huge business as Pakistan is exporting fresh fruits and seafood products to Far eastern countries and the businessmen will use Korean air as their carrier for export of perishable items as due to non availability of other flights huge vacuum is available for Korean air to run their business from Pakistan.