Korea braces for possibly worst typhoon in decades

SEOUL, South Korea was bracing for Typhoon Lingling as it was expected to make landfall here later Saturday with heavy rains and winds strong enough to uproot trees.

A series of warnings has been issued throughout the nation as the year's 13th typhoon approached the Korean Peninsula at a maximum speed of 39 meters per second or 140 kph, according to the Korea Meteorological Association.

Its central pressure was 950 hectopascals, and it was expected to make landfall at around noon.

The typhoon is expected to continue moving north to reach North Korea later in the day.

"Record-breaking winds will be seen at islands, and southern and western coastal areas," the weather agency said.

The central and municipal governments were taking precautionary measures to help minimize damage from the storm.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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