Kitengela institute throws destitute youths a lifeline (Business Daily (Kenya))

The Kitengela Vocational Training Institute has become a second home to many girls and boys in Kajiado.

Early marriage and female genital mutilation have forced many girls to drop out of school and run away from home, taking up residence in urban areas where they get involved in crime and prostitution.

The Korea government-funded centre was began on February 3, 2014 as a way of offering skills to girls and boys from poor and marginalised backgrounds and also as a way of giving hope to young Maasai girls escaping FGM and forced early marriages.

“We offer computer training and beauty and hairdressing for a period of five months at no cost at all to all who apply. So far we have graduated 142 graduates,” says project manager Daniel Kim. However, students are required to deposit Sh2,500 with the institution to show commitment to undertake the course.

On August 20 the centre hosted visiting South Korean MP Kim Taeho who reiterated the Korean government’s commitment to support such institutions in order to eradicate poverty.

“Korea was in a state of poverty not many years ago when I was young but today it has grown because of empowering the young with basic skills that they can use to develop themselves,” Mr Taeho said. “The students who do well will benefit from scholarships in Korean universities” he added.

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